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Cycling along the D-Day beaches in Normandy

Needed to take a break, inhale the ocean spray ? The Normandy has many assests : countryside, seashore, and we are willing to let you discover all of its highligths. Have you consider to go on a bycicle trip to (re)discover Normandy ans its famous D-Day landing beaches ? A lifetime experience for your stay[…]

Happy 2K21

In spite of the 2020 to forget, all the Omaha Beach Mercure Hotel and L’Albatros Restaurant’s staff are willing to wish you a warmest greetings and a wonderfull Happy New Year. We hope 2021 will bring many blessings of health and joy among you and your family. Obviously, the road is still foggy to ensure[…]

Winter is coming…

In order to strengthen, stay busy before winter The Normandy’s heritage is watching to welcome you What’s the link between Normandy and Game of Thrones® ? A conquest Story… For the occasion of the 2019th  European Heritage Day, Normandy and its bessin capital, Bayeux, is offering a huge set.  A 80 meters long canvas exhibition until[…]

D-Day 75th anniversary

Normandy will never forget Upon the 75th anniversary of the D-Day, the Normandy region is willing to celebrate and commemorate the Liberation by the Allied Forces that landed on its beaches in June 1944. Pay tribute to the Heroes of history   The Region and its tourist’s office will be happy to welcome you during[…]


 D-DAY PRO-AM 2019 A golf tournament by teams made of Amateurs and Professionals From the 10th to 12th October 2019 The Omaha Beach Resort is glad to announce its 11th Edition of the D-DAY  PRO-AM .   Upon the 75th Anniversary of D-DAY and LIBERATION, and by its location in the middle of the D-Day Normandy Landing beaches, at Port-En-Bessin, the Mercure Hotel and Omaha Beach Golf Course are[…]


Normandy and its 2019 vintage… If there is a place to be this year, it’s obviously in Normandy. For those that did not expect to come, here is a teaser that might change your schedule : D-DAY – Normandy Land of Liberty The D-DAY sites and the region will rise to the occasion of the 75th anniversary of[…]


Happy new year 2018 The Hotel Mercure Omaha Beach and Restaurant L’Albatros staff’s Are hoping your fulfillment, contentment, peace and more, a brighter, better new year than you’ve ever had before Opening soon On the occasion of its reopening  : Saturday 10th February 2018  The Omaha Beach Resort is looking forward To meet you for Lunch at the Restaurant L’Albatros Some freshness…[…]


  D-DAY PRO-AM 2018 A golf tournament by teams made of Amateurs and Professionals From the 10th to 13th October 2018 The Omaha Beach Resort is glad to announce its 10th Edition of the D-DAY  PRO-AM .   Upon the 74th Anniversary of D-DAY and LIBERATION, and by its location in the middle of the D-Day Normandy Landing beaches, at[…]


CELEBRATION FOR PORT-EN-BESSIN’S HERITAGE From 11th to 12th November 2017 Take a break  at the Hotel Mercure Omaha Beach to (re)discover  …   “LE GOÛT DU LARGE” (Scallops & seafood festival )  –   The Omaha Beach’s Resort is pleased to anounce its animation — Free shuttles  (From Town to Hotel/From Hotel to Town,  round trip)[…]


Normandy and its family outing … 5 Days a Week, enjoy it’s free Port-En-Bessin and its town-community  Bayeux Intercom, are willing to make your Holidays unforgettable To (re)discover without moderation… From childhood to adutlhood. Each Friday : Fireworks La Tour Vauban at Port-En-Bessin Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday : Rendez-vous à la cathédrale of Bayeux…l’Arbre de la Liberté Each Wedsnesday :[…]