Winter is coming…

In order to strengthen, stay busy before winter

The Normandy’s heritage is watching to welcome you


What’s the link between Normandy and Game of Thrones® ? A conquest Story…

For the occasion of the 2019th  European Heritage Day, Normandy and its bessin capital, Bayeux, is offering a huge set.  A 80 meters long canvas exhibition until the end of the year.   A few steps from the Bayeux Museums and its Memory of the World Register by UNESCO, the famous “Bayeux Tapestry”, the Hotel of the Doyen, once cradle of the William the conqueror Tapestry, will shelter a new embroidery.

A thousand year younger this new artefact, will come from the cold for a new tale: the conquest of the “Iron Throne®” to lead the Seven Kingdoms.

Directly coming from North Ireland, where most of the production of Game of Thrones® has taken place, and become more and more part of Northern Ireland’s heritage and culture.  Thus, the Tourism Ireland has created a giant 77 meters long medieval Tapestry dedicated to “Game of Thrones®”.

Plunge into the Medieval heritage From the English Throne to the Iron Throne


Using Northern Ireland’s linen and textile heritage manufacture this Tapestry is also a way to pay tribute to the ancestral and medieval way of telling stories. A likeness tale than the one in Bayeux, willing to enter into the saga and characters of the tailoring of George R.R.MARTIN.

Once in a life time confrontation Tapestry between the epic stories of “Game of Thrones®” and the conquest of William, Duke of Normandy, who became King of England in 1066, through the Battle of Hastings.

Furthermore for cultural lovers of heritage it’s also a chance to visit the Museum of Art and History Baron Gérard (MAHB), one of the Bayeux Museum’s a few steps from the exhibition and Bayeux’s Cathedral.

Beware Fans of the biggest broadcast television series in the world :  “Winter’s coming” …you could be sorry about missing the exhibition before cold days. Deadline on December 2019.

For more information visit the Normandie Tourism Website.

Discover the trailer of the virtual Tapestry on the official Irish Website.




Le goût du Large



 On November 9th & 10th 2019

A fishing ode to pay Tribute to the fishermans and sea products.

The village of Port-En-Bessin is willing to organize a new edition of its “Goût du Large“, 15 years after its first arrival.

Once in a life time occasion to share places and sailor’s life. Local products from the seashore on duty and obviously our best seller: ScallopsGout-du-large-2011

A friendly atmosphere for families and gourmet without restraint, occurring on a French holiday to take advantage of the iodine merrymaking.

The Omaha Beach Resort will to rise to the occasion offering services, such as Free shuttles round-trip  from downtown to the Mercure Hotel Omaha Beach, in order to avoid parking issues into the crowdy place.

Furthermore, the Restaurant L’Albatros will give its best know-how to prepare its famous Brunch under a Scallops Theme: “A three time Scallops Brunch” on duty from Sunday for lunchtime & dinner to Monday for Lunch.



The periodical of the Albatros Restaurant



Be aware until next season, The Albatros Restaurant and the Omaha Beach Golf Club House’s Newsletter is coming out

In order to satisfy Golfers and gourmets, during fall, the Omaha Beach Resort and its staff our proud to present you a preview of the events to warm up the place at our Club House.


Tea TimeTrackMan-Performance-Software

Each Saturday and Sunday afternoon, just after the Tee Time on one of the two courses that compose the Omaha Beach Golf Course or just after a Golf lesson to experience the Trackman with our Pro J.THOMAS.

Foot-GolfjpgYoann Tanneau General Manager of the Omaha Beach Golf Course has also prepared a new way to introduce golf  for young boys and girls, discover the FootGolf.






New menu & Brunch after Fall

The Chief Florian Desetable is preparing a New Menu, coming out on November 1st with its seasonal surprises from the market.


From mid-November to closure, on every Sundays, our famous Brunch will compose also seasonal products: mushrooms, scallops, cheeses and some of the mountain-like recipe at the Restaurant Albatros.

Winter timetable, closure and reopening 2020

Winter’s coming …discover the upcoming schedule

  •  From 1st to 21th December  => Opening from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (lunchtime 12 a.m.  to 3 p.m.)
  • From 22th December to 6th February => Closure
  • Reopening on Friday 7th February 2020



All the staff from the Omaha Beach Resort is looking forward to meet you.